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Law: Makin' my way downtown
Law: Walking fast
Law: Walking faster



So I don’t want my ice furnitures anymore and looking to either give them away or sell them off to make some bells, bells, bells.

I have ice..
- bed x2
- chair
- clock
- closet
- dresser
- lamp x2
- shelf
- side table
- sofa
- table
- vanity
- floor
- wallpaper

Basically, I have the whole collection with some extra and I’m not giving my snowman.

- anyone can enter
 because I want to get rid of them already.
- HOWEVER, anyone who follows after this and enters are automatically disqualified. 
- followers can enter by reblog and like, and non-followers can only enter by reblog. (REBLOG ONCE PLEASE AND TAG IT AS ‘tevali giveaway’)
- no giveaway blog, you butt. sideblogs are ok.
- you can only enter ONCE, on ONE blog.
 You will either be disqualified or one of your entries will be forfeited. Depending on my mood.
- there will be one winner.
- you will need to give me your FC and I will go to your town to drop the things off.

Giveaway ends August 14th. (date may change)


354 - Banette

A doll that became a Pokemon over its grudge from being junked. It seeks the child that disowned it.

even if this may be your last time as Kris, I hope to see Yifan smiling like this again

if you miss someone, you can’t just cry enough…