yeah, whatever. 

Here you go. My Exo tumblr.

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Ok, so I’ve got a new obsession. Exo. 

But I don’t exactly know on which blog should I post it on and I just don’t really want to reblog the stuff on colourfulowl nor do I really want to make a new blog just for exo. 

Then I’m just like, regretting making separate blogs and it kind of upsets me because it’s kind of boring to have just one thing on one blog and jsiodjiojsds. 

And then, I also hate having so much things on one blog. 

This is a really stupid and frustrating dilemma. I just want to delete everything, but still keep everything, but I don’t know what to do. 


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Aww, ye. Summer break.

It actually started nearly 2 weeks ago, but I had a bad start, so.
BUT I’M BACK NOW. Will be more or less active.

I now manage 6 tumblr in one account, including tevali.

Check them out sometimes!
One Piece, Homestuck, Adventure time(new), Life stuff, Random stuff

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Once again.

I’m going on another hiatus as my second semester started today.

I failed 3 classes due to the previous semester being too compressed and stressful for me and due to some.. cough. stupidfamilyproblemsandsomuchlowself-esteemmoments.

So, the school told me if I don’t pass those classes, I will be kicked out and possibly refused by other schools. And I sure don’t want that.

I already cancelled some classes so I can focus more on the ones I failed.  I  also going to need to really stay away from Tumblr and other distraction.

Bleh, what a way to spend the next 16 weeks of my life. 

I might still be around, liking stuff and answering any messages I get; however, rarely.



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I am done with exams.

But I think I did badly, so.

It means, TUUUUMBLR.

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Hiatus again.

Holidays are over,

1. Back to school,

2. Extreme studying again,

3. Not enough time for Tumblr,

4. Oh no, exams.

5. Great, no time for Tumblr at all.

Thus, I must go on another hiatus until my session is done.

However, I always make time to check Tumblr anyway, nyehehe. So you’ll still see me around, liking posts as tevali. So, in about a month or so, I’ll be back for some extreme reblogging.

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New blogs; finished.

Oof. I finished the separate blogs.

One Piece and Random Stuff.

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Multiple blog management.


I have 3 blogs ( will have more. ) in one account/email.

When I follow someone or ask someone.. it goes with tevali. But I sometimes want to use coloufulowl or homestucked to ask someone something or follow someone because I won’t be using tevali as before, only rarely. But I don’t want people to think I’m doing whatever as tevali but as the other.. dfjishfjdaisohafioasds.

Multiple blog is harder than I thought.

but I don’t want to make new emails and all that stupid process.

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Unexpected return


Right now, it is now my supposedly christmas and new year vacation whichisfullofhomeworktodoanyway.

…anyways, I decided I didn’t want to reblog or post anything on anymore. I have this thing of abandoning things. For example, tevali has over 1,000 posts and it.. bothers me.

So I made separate blogs ( but I still haven’t figure out how to manage it all. ); Hometuck, Life/Personal and others that I plan on making.


Another thing, since I kind of came back, I see all these people that I don’t know. I’m all like “Who the heck is this.” 

Also, getting new followers out of nowhere. What.

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Goodbye, maybe?

Ok, so I’m thinking of quitting Tumblr.

It’s not that I’m being harassed or Tumblr got boring or people here are just…. And this is certainly not a suicide note, don’t worry.

It’s just that, College homework and studying has take up a lot of my time. And I need to get onto my laptop to check school website for any notes, homework, documents posted by teachers. 

At the same time, I get this urge to check Tumblr and get horribly distracted for quite an amount of time. I need to organize myself a bit more by using a little less of personal wants. I need to study for real because I don’t understand my stuff and I’ve got exams already.

Another reason is that, Tumblr is my getaway from family, school, personal problems. Somewhat, it made me realize.. I’m only using Tumblr as an excuse to get away from normal life problems. I’m only running away and not facing my fears.

I mean, I can’t go on Tumblr and talk to someone about these things. It’s better for me to get some real face-to-face help than to wait for someone from the internet to comfort me temporarily. Don’t get me wrong, you guys are awesome. 

I just.. I think it’s time for me to stop feeling sorry for myself and actually start something for once.

So, I’m not deleting my account or anything. Just very very very inactive, almost like just an email. I’m leaving everything as it is. I’ll still answer any message I get, though I doubt I’ll get any.

I don’t know, maybe one day, I’ll come back to do some extreme reblogging. Around January/February, maybe.

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Ladies and gentlemen please
Would you bring your attention to me?
For a feast for your eyes to see
An explosion of catastrophe

Like nothing you’ve ever seen before
Watch closely as I open this door
Your jaws will be on the floor
After this you’ll be begging for more

|Karkat Vantas|CarsA as Aradia Megido|Terezi Pyrope|Eridan Ampora|Feferi Peixes

Photo by chidori  and Rina Dragunova

Militarystuck designs by Mookie


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Highblood Set

Fefurry moves a little faster because she’s -EXCIT————————ED! Pawzee moves a little slower because… well…

and now i’m gonna go die, thanks for all the love on these hhhhh

edit: did Feferi’s horns, god i am tired
edit edit: and now terezi’s are fixed, thank you and goodnight 

My blog is now complete.


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